We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic!

I want you all to meet some of the amazing people I am so lucky to work with on my shoots. Meet Amirah Sackett a talented and beautiful make-up artist who provides make-up for the majority of my headshot and branding clients.

Portrait of Amirah Sackett a Muslim hip hop artist in Chicago

For the first few months I knew her I thought she was great. A talented make-up artist, funny, easy to work with, my clients love her and she does hip hop! She was so much fun to collaborate with and I never have had an unhappy client. Little did I know there is more….

Amirah Sackett is an award winning hip-hop dancer, choreographer, and teacher in Chicago. She also formed the all-female, American Muslim trio called ‘We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic’ (WMDP), who uses hip-hop to challenge common stereotypes about Muslim women. WMDP rose to viral video fame and now Amirah travels the country educating, empowering, and creating dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims through her art. What?!! That is incredible right?

I finally had the chance to have Amirah in the studio as a hip-hop artist and change maker. She came in for a portraits in the studio and location portraits at the Englewood/Woodlawn peace mural. Yeah I thought LOVE would be the perfect backdrop for Amirah. 

We had so much fun creating these images and as always some really thought provoking conversations.  Keep doing what you are doing Amirah!!! 

If you would like to contact Amirah to create some “unity in the community” you can find her here:

"We're Muslim, Don't Panic" - Facebook Page


Here is the YouTube video of her Tedx Talk that is getting the message out loud and stronger:

Amirah doing her thing!

A great piece about her group: