Thank you from Mary Rafferty Photography and Be Alright

Thank you thank you to Yellow Dog, Woofy, Dolly, Freeze, Hextor, Teddy, Charlie, Super Cat, Dog, Blankie, Flounder, Emily Bun Bun, Turtle, Elephant, Lambie, Ali . . . and everyone else who came into the studio to help support BE ALRIGHT. Your generosity is in inspiring and will be put to great use.

I had a great time sharing lovey stories, documenting these well loved creatures and starting the conversation about domestic violence. It was a great opportunity for some of us with older children to talk about the importance of these organizations and why they exist.

With your help we raised much needed funds for BE ALRIGHT to support Chicago area domestic violence shelters where many families call their home. Some adorable soft and cuddly new Lovies were brought in along with funds for 29 new BE ALRIGHT BEARS to be given to the children in the shelters.

Here is a look at some of the well loved lovies that made it into the studio this month.

For those of you that loved but lost your lovey this is for you!

This is an on going project. Please contact me if you are interested in the GIVE  LOVE Project.

To learn more or get involved visit