International Women's Day

In honor of

International Women’s Day 

I wanted to thank and showcase all the women who came in last month for our headshot promotion day. It was a day filled with strong, talented, innovative, smart and fun women. Some have been working hard for years to support themselves, their families and our community. Some are just starting out on their journey with grace and vigor.

It was a day filled with great energy and some laughs. I am so appreciative of all my clients. Everyone was on time or early and ready to rock their headshot.  AND as always my talented and beautiful make-up artist Amirah got in on the act. Mostly cause I make her stand in for a test first thing in the morning when she hasn’t finished her coffee yet!

I am so grateful to help you put your best images out there to support your endeavors.

Thank you!


Licensed Therapist and a woman of incredible style!

Joann Lysiak – 

Founder, Chief Empowerment Officer at Empower Coaching Network, Wellness & Life Transformation Coach and talented retired jewelry designer.

Nikki Werner

Certified Learning and Development professional, facilitator, strategic leader and a rock star smile! 

Maggie Carlo

Feature Reporter WGN-TV, Anchor, Writer, Volunteer & Mom to 2 amazing girls.

Leslie Davis – 

Director of portfolio management, Equator Capital Partners. She often is the smartest person in the room.

Anisa Ciaciura

Senior at Lincoln Park IB and mature beyond her years.

Amirah Sackett -

Make-up artist and founder of the Muslim hip-hop group - We’re Muslim, don’t panic